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    Novel – The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage – The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

    Chapter 1209 – He Returned For A Blind Date like trot

    He smiled and went inside of.

    “Mother, how are you aware that I found myself here…”

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    For example, judging with the manifestation on his deal with now, he was definitely jealous.

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    “If that is the case… Gu Jingyu’s problem is in fact quite pitiful.”

    Gu Jingze appeared on from your area that has a chilly term. Gu Jingyu literally planned to die. He glared at Gu Jingze. “Second Sibling!”

    At the same time, Lin Che noticed the Younger Neglect from the An family members, who acquired just are available in.

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    An Lan was a lot more astonished. “Ha. The top of your home is really audacious?”

    She could not have known that Gu Jingyu acquired actually wanted to get away yesterday but obtained was unsuccessful. Now, he acquired no choice but being presented hostage on this page when he waited to have an Lan to arrive.

    An Lan could not assist but enjoy assembly Gu Jingyu soon.

    “Mother… I won’t go residence. I am talking about it…”

    Even though he obtained endured her up a couple of times, she would forgive his recent slights if he has also been this sort of decent person.

    Beside her, an individual hastily said, “Miss, prevent hunting. Avoid hunting. That is the pinnacle of your Gu loved ones, Gu Jingze.”

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    “I see… In that case, why must each of which get wed now?” Lin Che explained.

    She could not have regarded that Gu Jingyu obtained actually want to break free last night but got was unsuccessful. Now, he possessed no selection but to always be retained hostage in this article as he anxiously waited for the Lan to arrive.

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    On the other hand, Lin Che noticed the Younger Miss out on of your An friends and family, who possessed just may be found in.

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    Hadn’t they explained to her that the Gu family members experienced numerous guidelines?

    When it comes to lady next to him, her view crinkled within a laugh. She appeared extremely cheerful.


    Lin Che checked out Gu Jingze. Along with her hand on the chest area, she requested, “What’s taking place? How performed your family be familiar with it?”

    A town made from a lot more than 70 % international Chinese…

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    She laughed mischievously with her left arm around him and reported, “Gu Jingze.” She leaned into his aspect and clung onto his left arm with both of your hands, putting her chin on his shoulder joint. “Look, you’re already better than Gu Jingyu in each and every aspect. You’re far more fine, taller, s.e.xier, and also you start looking more appealing than him… Now, you actually have a lovely wife much like me, but he has no one. He even has to be on a blind night out with an individual he doesn’t know. How pitiful…”

    Seeing and hearing this, Mu Wanqing smiled. “Sure, absolutely sure. Observe me home now. We can discuss everything another time.”

    Gu Jingze wound his arm around her. “Alright. Let us go back and rest.”

    “Jingyu is the only person inside our family who seems to be still not hitched, so he’s the only person that can go.”

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    These days, this person had not been behaving effectively in any way. He was detailed with another person much like that.

    Gu Jingze bopped her about the go. She leaned forward and pecked him lightly on a corner of his lip area.

    “I see… If so, why must the 2 of which get married now?” Lin Che said.

    She laughed mischievously together with her left arm around him and claimed, “Gu Jingze.” She leaned into his section and clung onto his left arm with both of your hands, putting her chin on his shoulder. “Look, you are already superior to Gu Jingyu in just about every aspect. You’re more good looking, taller, s.e.xier, so you look more inviting than him… Now, you even have a beautiful partner similar to me, but he has none of us. He even has to be on a blind time frame with anyone he doesn’t know. How pitiful…”

    Lin Che investigated Gu Jingze. Together hands on her torso, she questioned, “What’s happening? How performed family members check out it?”

    When she experienced entered, people from her family members got even earnestly encouraged her to pay attention to etiquette.