Live It

You’ve come this far, Congratulations! The following excerpt from Hazelden’s 24 hours a Day sums up the living it part of the journey perfectly.. “Spiritual progress is the law of your being. Try to see around you more and more of beauty and truth, knowledge… Read More »Live It

Build It.

Tool Bag, Check. Vision for the future, Check. Personal Mission Statement, Check. Whoa, who said anything about a personal mission statement? It’s true, a personal mission statement with a clear vision is your guiding light for this journey. Think of the lighthouse in the distant… Read More »Build It.

Design It.

Like an architect designs a building so too can we design our lives. Picture in your mind what you want to create an start putting pen to paper to create the ideal. Have you ever slowed down, like really slowed down long enough to think… Read More »Design It.