Tool Bag, Check. Vision for the future, Check. Personal Mission Statement, Check. Whoa, who said anything about a personal mission statement? It’s true, a personal mission statement with a clear vision is your guiding light for this journey. Think of the lighthouse in the distant as a beacon to keep you on course. Without, we’re just fumbling around splashing in the dark. It’s time to step in to who you want to become with action and begin building this life that awaits you. Let’s take the building blocks from the Design phase and start to put them to work. Our habits are what will define our future. We have all heard some variation of the old saying, “show me your habits, and I’ll show you your future.” Fact, if I consistently eat foods that aren’t good for me I will reap the results (probably not good ones) to show for my efforts. Let’s flip this, if I observe a diet of healthy choices consistently I will reap healthy results. Moreover, my life will actually improve in other areas, like increased and sustainable energy. This habit of making healthy eating choices will spill over into other buckets of my life like exercise, better focus and more productivity. Simply put, healthy habits support more healthy habits. It’s cyclical. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves we first have to consider that all habits begin with one tiny thought. I think Lao Tzu summarized the hierarchy of a thought becoming an habit best when he said,  “Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habitswatch your habits, they become your characterwatch your character, it becomes your destiny.”  There is a lot to unpack in this statement but here we’re diving into the first part: Watch your thoughts. This part is probably the most integral element of transformational change, I think it comes right after the willingness to want change. I was a prisoner of my own misguided thoughts for decades before I stumbled upon material that made me want to investigate further, the willingness. As I mentioned in the Design Phase studying Bob Proctor’s information on Paradigm Shift leading me to read James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh which then led me to Napoleon Hill and the many books he authored and co-authored with others that all examine the notion “thoughts are things.” And if we consider the same thoughts over and over, positive or negative, these thoughts will be become your reality. The cycle continues to this day as one door excitingly leads to another. It’s this repetitious examination of my own thought process that has over time and without perfection continues to reveal fascinating breakthroughs. So healthy habits begin with healthy thinking. Where do I start? Well, first by examination and then by training. We have to become consciously aware of the conversations we have with ourselves, what’s being talked about in our own inner dialog. Let’s face it, we all talk to ourselves, but in what context? I often refer to my own inner dialog as the peanut gallery. It’s there in the peanut gallery that both cheers & jeers exist almost simultaneously. And most of the time I have to act as referee weeding out the negative and rewarding the positive. Make no mistake, it’s work! Here’s the good news, it gets easier. I wrote about a technique simply called “Leave It” Here. I guess you could say I think of rooting out negative thinking like training a dog. When an unwanted thought comes creeping in, first I acknowledge it and then just as though we train our pups, I tell myself “Leave It.”  With time, patience, and practice the unwanted thought doesn’t linger as long or become part of my inner dialog. Judgement of others for me was something I wanted to remove from my thinking and I found this technique extremely helpful when triggers of judgement want to interfere. Another practical application you can use is setting an alarm on your phone to remind to you to check in with yourself. Doing this will help you to slow down when the weight of the world beckons for your attention. I set gratitude reminders in my daily calendar. This way I am sure to get the gentle reminder to pause from what I am doing and take a breather while thinking about the many things I have to be grateful for. For these and other helpful tips & tricks join one of our Groups to connect with other like minded people. There is nothing like accountability to keep you striving on the Road to Happy Destiny. Best To You!

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