Like an architect designs a building so too can we design our lives. Picture in your mind what you want to create an start putting pen to paper to create the ideal. Have you ever slowed down, like really slowed down long enough to think of a future where you truly felt whole? A future where “you” the protagonist was playing full-out in all that you said and do? Well now is the time, the only thing standing in your way is “You.” That’s about as real and in your face as it gets, that’s authentic. Truth is, we get in our own way a lot, we get lost in all of the chaos of today and what we perceive as the things we should be doing, or the “Shoulda, Woulda’s.” And what typically ends up happening ultimately is putting the brakes on our dreams and aspirations. Seriously, how fast does a year go by, five years, ten years. Don’t get me started with how fast our kids grow up. But just as how fast our kids grow up our lives are interwoven in that fabric as well. So that whole thing about “I can’t believe little Joey is already driving” or “Susie is going into her first dance class” is also your life flying by too. All of the dreams and goals placed upon a shelf that never got a chance to manifest. Myles Munroe said it best, “The wealthiest place on earth is the graveyard.” Every time you recall that vision of what could have been you get a dull ache in your stomach because of the pain of not taking action. That scenario does not have to depict your future any longer.

Here’s the rub: The key is to start now, there will never be a perfect time -it doesn’t exist! First, let’s picture in our minds what we want to create. Really sit with this for a moment take a deep breath or two and visualize the “You” when your on fire, knocking down goals, creating, attracting abundance and manifesting.. Second, start putting pen to paper by taking inventory of your goals and aspirations in your head and releasing it in a tangible form on paper. Something physical you can hold, feel, and see. And come back to. At this stage you have already taken a vision, something you have created in your mind’s eye and manifested it into something physical, even it is just writing on a piece of paper. It’s yours, you own it. Nobody can take that away from you.

With a clear vision now put on paper let’s start building a blueprint of actionable steps to take daily as we bring our vision into our current reality. Small daily habits practiced regularly add up to big results over time. The thing about habits is repetition. When my journey began with personal growth and transformation Bob Proctor’s teachings on Paradigm Shift helped me immensely in recognizing the habits and behaviors in my life that were no longer serving me. Taking the hard but necessary action of lifting up your “own” hood & taking a deep dive is one of the hardest things for anyone to ever do, but it’s a must. Remember to reach out for help if you get stuck. join the different groups we have here The key to remember is it’s a journey, there is No quick fix. But once you begin clearing out the old and making way for the new is when the magic starts. Remember, it’s progress and it’s necessary. Pass on the judgements, especially if they are pointed at you. Behaviors like these are what stop us and make it easy to slip back into that old safety net, or that old blanket that is so comfy and warm but hampers any chance at moving you closer to the life you want to create.

So now you have a vision, you have identified and made some amends with past behaviors that no longer served you and now it’s time to take some action. “Faith without works is dead” is something I think about often when I want to create something new in my life. Things, situations, or events just don’t fall from the sky, we have to put in the work. There are few ways to do this but for the sake of this article I will use one example that I think has a one size fits all approach. Are you ready, this is big -wait for it… Just Do It! I know, profound right!? Perhaps even a bit cliche.. and I am OK with that. I’m the king of cliches. The key in the action part of designing a new framework has to be simple. If we were to approach this with all the latest Jedi mind tricks, fad diets and guru led masterminds most of us would fail to launch. Let’s not complicate the action piece. Here is a recent one for me. I definitely lived up to the “Quarantine 15” and decided it was due time I get in better shape. Not happy about carrying the weight or noticing it and having been active most of my life I knew what to do; move more & eat less, as a wise man once told me. We live in Florida on the Atlantic with only air and opportunity between me and losing the weight. An early riser by habit I incorporated a light jog 5 days a week to the nearby pier and back. It’s enough to break a sweat and feel a sense of accomplishment. On the contrary, if I were to begin with too lofty or a disproportionate goal in front of me I may not still be in the game. Let me be clear, I am a huge advocate of having big goals, but in order to attain them it starts with one foot in front of the other. Action.

This approach plays in every facet of designing a new reality. Whether your looking to get the new job, start a business, get in shape, or find the love of your life. Start with the vision and develop the actionable steps to get there, just start. As they say, “How do you eat an elephant?”, “One bite at a time.”

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