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Use the “Leave It” Technique

With so many attention consuming things in our daily life, getting out of our own way and overcoming endless mind chatter in order to think clearly and objectively can be a difficult challenge. How often do you have a great idea but quickly become side tracked with the incessant talking from the “Peanut 🥜 Gallery. It can be one of the most frustrating roadblocks on your path to success and accomplishment. You come across an amazing article or podcast that stimulates you and as soon as you try to focus deeper on the idea the villain that dwells in all of us takes over the conversation adding his or her unwanted two cents and off on another tangent we go.. If only we were able to shut off the tap of head noise long enough to formulate a plan or strategy to rise above the mediocre and walk into the greatness that awaits. Well, we can and it starts with awareness. We first have to be aware of the moment when the mind begins to stray and lose focus. In that moment and the moments thereafter is when we have to be most keenly aware and try to catch ourselves. One of my favorite tools to use when I am hot 🔥 on the trail of my next breakthrough idea🤔 and my train of thought goes out the window is to “Leave It.” You have heard it before when someone is out training their dog 🐶 and the dog’s focus is on chasing squirrels instead of the training command of it’s human. The same principle exists here to. It’s bringing your attention or focus back to your present awareness, or being where your feet are. Returning back to the thing that matters more than, “did I pay the Visa card this month?” or “I don’t remember if I replied to Dawn in accounting’s email about company X’s past invoices.” The overflowing tap of mind chatter can have many different voices but they’re all the same when you get right down to it, taking your attention away from the thing you were intent on in the first place. We get caught in the matrix of unregulated thought patterns. Or, as I like to refer to it as SSDC (Same Stuff Different Content) syndrome.

So, the next time you are Masterminding a new life direction and your focus drifts remember to “Leave It.”

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