You Are the Hero of Your Own Story

Have you ever read a book where the main character got everything she wanted and never had to struggle? Probably not. Most people wouldn’t even [More..]

The greatest adventure is to know oneself

There is no need to search outside when we have an incredible strength within ourselves. All we need to do is connect with it [More..]

Seven-year follow-up shows lasting cognitive gains from meditation

Gains in the ability to sustain attention developed through intensive meditation training are maintained up to seven years later, according to a new study.[More..]

So You Want To Learn Reiki?

I love the idea of being enveloped in an all-encompassing, universal energy as I move throughout my day. From getting out of bed in the morning to working [More..]

Choice and Purpose

Around and around I go on this topic, but this question is all about separation. First, “us and God” are the same. So we ourselves sent us here and we ourselves will [More..]


The Journey or the Destination?

Which one of these should be our aspiration? Is the pot of gold in the journey, or the destination? Is it a foolish man who revels in the journey, not paying attention to[More..]

Meditation for the Day

Learn daily the lesson of trust and calm in the midst of the storms of life. Whatever sorrow or difficulty the day may bring, God’s command to you is the same. Be grateful, humble, calm, and loving to all people. Leave each soul the better for having met you or heard you. For all kinds of people, this should be your attitude: a loving desire to help and an infectious spirit of calmness and trust in God. You have the answer to loneliness and fear, which is calm faith in the goodness and purpose in the universe.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may be calm in the midst of storms. I pray that I may pass on this calmness to others who are lonely and full of fear.

The most important move is to begin.

We begin weaving by stringing vertical threads on a loom to form the foundation of a new cloth. Then horizontal threads are interlaced back and forth, and we create a fabric. As the cloth begins to form, new possibilities open before us. After we weave in the first color we can then envision other colors that will work with it. The most important move is to begin.

Sometimes new possibilities occur to us only through action. If we take the risk of the first step and keep our eyes open, we will see the next step. Too much planning, too much carefulness and analysis, may block all action.

With our partner we might sometimes feel stuck in a pattern. We may even feel hopeless. Rather than thinking excessively, we could take action, do one thing that we know people in good relationships do. We might be able to take the risk of that first step with the help of our Higher Power. When we take one hopeful step at a time, each step produces information that leads to the next.

Name one interesting thing you can do today. You need not justify it or understand where it will lead. Just try it.


The Simple Formula for Overcoming Fear and Building Confidence

Meditation for the Day

There is no limit to what you can accomplish in helping others. Keep that thought always. Never relinquish any work or give up the thought of any accomplishment because it seems beyond your power. God will help you in all good work. Only give it up if you feel that it’s not God’s will for you. In helping others, think of the tiny seed under the dark, hard ground. There is no certainty that, when it has forced its way up to the surface, sunlight and warmth will greet it. Often a task seems beyond your power, but there is no limit to what you can accomplish with God’s help.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may never become discouraged in helping others. I pray that I may always rely on the power of God to help me.

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