May 2018

Tips & Tricks

Prosperity Tips – 18 Ways to Increase Your Wealth Increase your prosperity by applying the 18 prosperity tips which you’ll find below. Some you already know—but they’re worth [more..] 8 timeless money tips to put to work in 2018 If you’re hoping 2018 is the… Read More »Tips & Tricks


Investment Calculator[smartasset] Different investment portfolio situations spark lots of reader questions, To help you get the specific information you need, we designed a tool to match you with a financial advisor in your area.[More..] Investment Calculator The Investment Calculator can be used to calculate a… Read More »Calculator


Want to curb your binge eating this winter? Try a different conversation with yourself! Another snowstorm. One client after another trudges into my office, leaving sodden boots on the mat by the front door, dragging off knit hats, unwinding scarves and pulling off layers of… Read More »Nutrition


5 ideas for staying active this winter During the cold winter months, it’s easy to let our good intentions for daily physical activity go into hibernation. Often the most appealing idea is [More..] 6 Benefits of Group Fitness Classes When people first join a gym,… Read More »Exercise


You Are the Hero of Your Own Story Have you ever read a book where the main character got everything she wanted and never had to struggle? Probably not. Most people wouldn’t even [More..] The greatest adventure is to know oneself There is no need… Read More »Spirituality